APNEA is a deep electronic music label.

Deep electronic music, from ambient techno to dub techno, from deep techno to deep electronica.

01. Who are you ?
I am JimD from Seattle, Washington USA. Also known as BT Gate X-138 & Boreal Taiga. Originally from southern California, with years living in northern Norway.

02. What are you listening actually ?
I listen to many artists such as Throbbing Gristle, Test Dept., Cabaret Voltaire, Miles Davis, Steve Roach, The Velvet Underground, Ulrich Schnauss and so much more.

3. How you came to music ?
I became interested in electronic music at a young age, influenced by industrial music. Sampling and field recording was always something I loved, once I first was given a tape recorder. I was constantly recording sounds, music and interviewing people around me. Collecting vinyl records was also something that introduced me to all types of genres of music. I collected all I could, the weirder the better.

I was in a few electronic/experimental/industrial bands for a bit, and purchased an Ensoniq EPS16+ sampler. I was hooked and started to really experiment.

When I first heard acid house and techno, I fell in love with electronic dance music. I had already started to experiment with tribal drum sampling as well as dubby basses.

I started to learn how to DJ and produce dance music. But when I first heard Fluxion, Basic Channel, and all sorts of dub ambient I knew that was the direction I wanted to focus on, dub techno and ambient. I started BT Gate X-138 as well as Boreal Taiga the first week I moved to Northern Norway. Living there really helped me focus on what what my sound would be. Visiting Murmansk, Russia and traveling the Kola HWY was special as that triggered a lot of today’s BT Gate X-138 themes.

4. What gear do you use in studio/live ?
I use a lot of samplers, mostly Akai and Ensoniq (I still love those 8 bit Mirages!) Software used is mostly Reaper, Reason and a touch of Cubase.

5. Do you have an anecdote or a memory to tell us about your music ?
Performing live for the first time out of the states in Oslo, Norway. Meeting so many wonderful people and still friends with them.

6. Which artist would you dream of working with?
William Burroughs

7. What are your plans for the future?
I hope to continue to share my music with those who listen. To try and keep my music informative, to push it towards real ideas, images and inspiration. Maybe a little less entertaining and more cerebral.