APNEA is a deep electronic music label.

Deep electronic music, from ambient techno to dub techno, from deep techno to deep electronica.

01. Who are you ?
I am a dj, producer, live performer, crate digger and vinyl lover from a small town in Italy, Civita Castellana.

I’ve been playing for more than 10 years now and I have attended hundreds of professional appearances playing at clubs, events, festivals and radios all around Italy and London.

I am obsessed with deep sounding music but I try not to have any stylistic restriction.

I am the co owner and co founder of Ikhis Records together with my mates Kaidu Khan and Jaxx Groove.

02. What are you listening actually ?
Listening to music is my main occupation, it always has been and it always will be. Finding new unexpected beautiful music is my biggest inspiration and crate digging I look for everything jazz, dub, opera, house, techno, ambient, boom bap, gospel… I just try to avoid mainstream stuff and following trends.

Deep sounds are my week point and I’ve discovered it listening to Rhythm & Sound, Van Bonn, Steve O’Sullivan, Roger Gerressen, Rod Modell, El Choop, Upwellings and Mathimidori.

My favourite track ever is « Escarabajos » by Ernie

3. How you came to music ?
I always was into music, since day one, I don’t know exactly how but I know that when I was a child I had hearing problems which I then solved and I think this has somehow accentuated my interest.

4. What gear do you use in studio/live ?
Currently I am using a lot the Elektron Model Cycles, Elektron Model Samples, Cyclone Analogic tt-303, Cyclone Analogic tt-606, Korg Kaossilator and Korg Kaosspad

5. Have you got an anecdote or a special memory to tell us about your music ?
My very best memories belongs from my residencies at Cromalin and Milk Club, there I’ve got to meet and do openings for big names such as Adiel, Germano Ventura, Sossa and Swoosh.

6. Which artist would you dream of working with?
It’s an infinite list as well but just to mention a few Nicola Conte, Sebastian Mullaert, Freund der Familie, Donato Dozzy and Tini.

7. What are your plans for the future?
I have a lot of releases planned for this year and next year, I would like to release a sample pack too and to record many more mixes and live sets, but more than anything, I am waiting for the end of pandemic to start working seriously on gigs, I want to break my record of 9hr dj set and I want too see if it is possible to create a festival for deep music I think it’s what this scene misses the most.