APNEA is a deep electronic music label.

Deep electronic music, from ambient techno to dub techno, from deep techno to deep electronica.

01. Who are you ?
I’m Tommy, born and raised in Amsterdam.. An amazing energetic city to grow up in. Got introduced to artists like Björk, Beck, A Guy Called Gerald, The Prodigy and a lot of other artists at an early age. Music that went on to form my love of electronics today.

02. What are you listening actually ?
Mainly Dub Techno (Heavenchord, Roger Gerressen, Zzzzra, Echospace, Federsen, Alex Humann, Quantec, Yagya – do I need to go on? )
When I play somewhere I throw on records more in the Tech House / Electro / Breakbeat spheres to get a crowd jumping (Silat Beksi, Floog, Vinyl Speed Adjust, iO (Mulen) etc.

3. How you came to music ?
Life without music doesn’t exist…

4. What gear do you use in studio/live ?
As little as possible

For DJ’ing: 2 turntables, 2 CDJ’s and a mixer

5. Do you have an anecdote or a memory to tell us about your music ?
I ALWAYS clean my room and put my phone on ‘Flight Mode’ when recording a mix or track.

6. Which artist would you dream of working with?

7. What are your plans for the future?
Trying to get our society back to normal again. Being so polarised is incredibly saddening to see…