APNEA is a deep electronic music label.

Deep electronic music, from ambient techno to dub techno, from deep techno to deep electronica.

01. Who are you ?
My name is Kaan, I was born in Bursa/Turkey , 6 years ago I moved to Eski┼čehir to study Journalism. The city has a huge part on how my career went along… I’ve been actively DJ’ing since my appearance on a Turkish indie internet radio on my high school period. I was playing Trance under the name of Binary Vision. Several years have passed and I started to educate myself on music producing. Last year I started my own music label Alla Turca.

02. What are you listening actually ?
Over time I improved my taste on atmospheric electronic music, anything that has that ‘deep’ effect is always on my radar. To give some names , I could mention Swayzak, Circulation, The Timewriter, Remote_, Havantepe and so on.

3. How you came to music ?
I was born in to music and music equipments thanks to my father. He had a good collection of various CD’s and tape cassettes in many different genres. After losing my father in my early teens, my connection to music has grown stronger. This bond first brought me to DJ’ing and then to music production.

4. What gear do you use in studio/live ?
I actually have a very minimal setup. I only have a Novation Ultranova Synthesizer, an Audient soundcard and Krk monitors. I work mainly in the DAW. I also have two Reloop turntables and a basic mixer.

5. Do you have an anecdote or a memory to tell us about your music ?
I actually work a lot more effective and faster when I’m feeling down or sad. Maybe people notices that in some of my tracks ­čÖé

6. Which artist would you dream of working with?
I would love to be on the same studio with Havantepe. I think his endless knowledge on analogue recording and music technology would help me a lot.

7. What are your plans for the future?
I think my first goal this year will be to work on more to get my songs printed on vinyl. Which has been my dream for many years. Other than that, I could say I really missed to play for an audience. If we can overcome this pandemic, I’d love to make this happen.