APNEA is a deep electronic music label.

Deep electronic music, from ambient techno to dub techno, from deep techno to deep electronica.

01. Who are you ?
My name is Maxim Karnaushko. I’m from Belarus. I am an HVAC engineer by profession. I love music and things that bring inspiration for the implementation of creative ideas.

02. What are you listening actually ?
I usually listen to dubtechno, ambient techno. I also love Burning Spear reggae. Techno likes to listen to podcasts from podcasters such as Muzaik FM, Drift Deeper, Axaminer, deep electronics, poisonoise and many others (a lot of them). It is in podcasts that I like to listen more because they always provide a contrast of moods.

3. How you came to music ?
I came to music at school age. I played the guitar. I always wanted to express my inner world through music When the first computer appeared, I began to study programs for writing music, so I tried to do something similar to electronic music. Step by step, I learned ableton. I was interested in dubstep and wanted to make similar music. Later I learned about the direction of dubtechno, which I loved very much. For me, this style opened up something new for me and pushed me to new ideas that I’m trying to do at the moment.

4. What gear do you use in studio/live ?
in live I have not played ever. As for the hardware, I only use abletone and abletone push. For me, software is more flexible for creating music. Financially, I can not afford to buy iron, then of course it would be very cool, so I use what I have). I try to use standard plugins in ableton, with processing them with standard effects.

5. Do you have an anecdote or a memory to tell us about your music ?
While that is probably not. But I really want it to happen

6. Which artist would you dream of working with?
I would not dream of working, I really want to see how artists do their work. So to speak, adopt their experience, learn new things for yourself, learn new things. For example, all the artists who appear in the podcasts . They’re all famous))

7. What are your plans for the future?
For the future, as long as there is a desire to create and there will be inspiration, I will make music. It somehow keeps my inner balance. Develop in the profession and enjoy the sun, green grass and blue sky))


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