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PLEASE NOTE : we don’t accept demos for 2020, all slots are booked for this year. We offer you 2 ways :

  • If you want to release a 3-track EP minimum, the next free scheduling slot is May 2021. We have a big waiting line ! If you can wait until this date, feel free to fill the form below.
  • We launched recently a new single serie named Deep Water : one release, one track, on free download on Bandcamp. At the end of the year, we’ll release a compilation with all tracks of this serie on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. The delay is short (1 or 2 weeks), so select the right field on the form below if you choose this option.

We accept demos in dub techno, deep techno and ambient techno. It is also possible to submit pure ambient tracks, but if they are accepted, they will be released on Mare Nostrum. Please, keep in mind if your tracks don’t fit with those describe above, you may not receive any answer.

If you want to contact the label, send us an email at

We offer tracks mastering, cover creation and promotion (social media).

  • The artist

  • Your release

  • Via Wetransfer, Gdrive, Dropbox, FTP... What you want !