Higheath Fringe

Release Date : July 6, 2018

Artist : Erich Schall

Catalog ref. : APNEA25

A new talented producer joined the Apnea family : welcome to Erich Schall !

This german electronic music producer is famous for his prolific discography in techno genre. Since 2011, he delivers many tracks with his own universe. In this EP, he takes us in a world of dub chords and ethereal sounds.

We love his vision of dubtechno and deep tech.


01. Erich Schall – Traffic Absorption
02. Erich Schall – Blue Moon
03. Erich Schall – Immerse
04. Erich Schall – Lawn

Dub Techno | Deep Techno | Techno

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Erich Schall

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