George Kostopoulos


Release Date : June 05, 2020

Artist : George Kostopoulos

Catalog ref. : APNEA57

Happy to welcome to George Kostopoulos for the second time on Apnea !

George delivers a 12-track LP inspired by mineral stones. Each track is an ode to a specific mineral and the producer illustrates them with mystical pads and dub chords.


01.George Kostopoulos – Kyanite
02.George Kostopoulos – Shattuckite
03.George Kostopoulos – Elbaite
04.George Kostopoulos – Calcite
05.George Kostopoulos – Kambaldaite
06.George Kostopoulos – Sugilite
07.George Kostopoulos – Hauyne
08.George Kostopoulos – Ammolite
09.George Kostopoulos – Taaffeite
10.George Kostopoulos – Connelite
11.George Kostopoulos – Dendrite
12.George Kostopoulos – Grandidierite

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